March 11, 2014

I made a bicycle

20131020-_MG_3427-2 My old bike had started making weird noises for every turn, I had no tape on my handlebars and my seat post was rusted stuck. So I took advantage of my room mate’s discovery of an abandoned old steel frame in the trash. I decided to have a little summer project and make my own bike, starting with cleaning and stripping the frame for any old components. I wanted to repaint it so first I had to get the old paint off, which is a very time consuming job.. An almost equal time consuming job of picking the right color was done after a couple days of stripping and brushing off the paint. And primer and paint could start getting applied, while the paint was drying I did some research of the components I had to get a hold off. I naively thought it would be an easy job but it ended up being hours of research to find the right fitting for the different parts. The bike frame decides what bottom bracket I need, the bottom bracket decides what crank I need, the crank decides what chain I need, etcetera etcetera… In the end I was able to figure everything out and assemble it together and voila!  A bike was born.

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