07 Oct '14

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Wild Wild Wyoming

I always wanted to be a cowboy. Wearing a cool hat, riding in the dust through grizzly country, having eggs, beans and cowboy coffee over the campfire for breakfast. Luckily I got to try all that for a … Read More

14 Apr '14

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Lost in the Andes

I’m sure Macchu Picchu is on every travelers bucket list, it definitely had been on mine for a while. This year I decided to jump the gun and hike the 4 day inca trail through the Andes mountains and the Amazon … Read More

11 Mar '14

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I made a bicycle

My old bike had started making weird noises for every turn, I had no tape on my handlebars and my seat post was rusted stuck. So I took advantage of my room mate’s discovery of an abandoned old steel … Read More

31 Oct '13

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Back to the motherland

Working in New York, being so far away from home makes every trip back to the motherland a very welcoming break from the insanely loud streets of NYC. I’m not even kidding, you can walk and have a conversation … Read More

25 Jul '13

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Oui Oui Paris

A week in Paris pretty much ended up with me eating a ton of baguettes and cheese, drink a lot of espressos and have a croissant/pastry for breakfast every day. It is THE life. In july it’s a fair amount of … Read More

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