Redefining AMEX OPEN

Rokkan was tasked to help American Express redefine and position their small business services, AMEX OPEN. The state of their online presence was very fragmented and inconsistent and just didn’t feel like a unified experience. As it is with big global brands, several digital agencies serves different part of their site and creates templates that feels disjointed. At the same time a lot of people did not fully understand what OPEN stood for and what benefits you can get from joining American Express.

We started with establishing a set of design principles, and out from that we created a style guide with clear guidelines to follow in order to ensure a continued evolution of a cohesive and uniform OPEN website. After creating the style guide, we architected and redesigned their homepage with new photography and a brand new tone of voice. 

Agency: Rokkan  |  Role: Art direction and lead design











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