With the new Escape 2013 Ford wanted to break new ground with the launch of their newest model. They looked to ROKKAN, Team Detroit, and Profiles Television to leverage the inherent power of social media in a way that had never been done before. We basically ended up creating the world’s first social TV show: Escape Routes.

Agency: Rokkan  |  Role: Design and Illustration



Escape Routes was broadcast on NBC and Hulu with real-time social media engagement and at-home interactive gameplay to create a completely new kind of entertainment. Read more about Escape Routes in FastCo.




Escape Routes Digital Host and YouTube sensation iJustine played a sizeable role in the campaign, hosting a live Tweet-up chat after each show aired, and “GameStream”—the first-ever interactive livestream video game show. I made illustrations for each city the game show was hosted in acting as a frame for the live stream.


Virtual team mates could win prizes alongside their chosen team, amassing points and badges by chatting, watching the 24/7 live video feeds from the six cars or the teams’ loft, and playing online mini-games. Through and the Ford Escape social channels, VTMs could interact with the cast of the television show from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device through virtually all major social channels. Every tweet, comment, share, video view and like directly affected the progress of their team on the show each week in real-time.



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