Self serve journey for Lloyds Bank

As one of the biggest banks in UK and the world, Lloyds Bank saw that their digital business account offering didn’t hold up to the modern age of connected devices. The existing route of opening a bank account consisted of many different Lloyds employees receiving and sending paper to different Lloyds offices in UK. A system that took a long time to do the necessary security checks and validations, since it was done manually by many different parts. Which aren’t exactly what customers were looking for when they need to open an account as quick as possible to start functioning as a business.

We created an all digital solution that shortens down the application time drastically and gives you a bank account number and sort code immediately so new businesses can start sending out invoices without waiting for weeks or months.

Agency: Sapient Nitro  |  Role: UI Designer


iPad-mockup_Man_Sofa 2


Guy_on_Cafe grid


3-Intro D2




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